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Theatre Advising

Advising is an important part of the Texas Wesleyan experience. This is a time to get to know your faculty advisor. You'll meet with your advisor at least once a semester to check in on how you're doing and go over what courses you're planning to take.

  1. Print your degree audit

    Print out your degree audit from your Ramlink account and use it to plan your schedule. Don't forget to bring it to your appointment with your advisor, too.

    apply blue left Print Degree Audit
  2. Review your courses

    Take a look at your degree audit and see what classes you have left to take. Keep in mind any prerequisite courses you need to take and the order you need to take them in. Here are a few helpful guides to help you.

    Planning Guides & Forms

    How to Search for Courses How to Register for Courses
  3. Plan your schedule

    Plan a tentative schedule of the classes you want to take. Include the section number, days of the week and time.

    Are you a commuter student? If you ride with someone else to campus, keep that in mind as you plan your schedule.

  4. Schedule an appointment with your advisor

    Schedule an appointment with your advisor during their office hours to talk through the schedule. To make your advising appointment as productive as possible, bring your class schedule and be ready to talk about it with your advisor. It's a good idea to fill out any forms you need during advising to speed up the registration process later.

    Area of Study Advisor
    Performance & Directing Jeanne Everton
    Technical & Design Joe Brown
    Theatre Education & Playwriting Connie Whitt-Lambert
  5. Register for class

    You've done all the leg work, now it's time to sit down and register for classes. You'll sign up for your classes through your Ramlink account when your advising group opens.

    Don't forget to fill out your Request For Enrollment At Another University Form, if you plan on taking classes outside of Texas Wesleyan.

    pencil blue icon left Register Now

    It's a good rule to visit your advisor at least once a semester, but it's even better to visit more regularly. Your advisor will help you stay on track to meet the requirements you need to graduate, and do it on time.