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Wesleyan Encore

About Wesleyan Encore

Wesleyan Encore was founded in 2002 and is a group of university alumni who participated in theatre productions during their years at Texas Wesleyan. Their goal is to support Theatre Wesleyan by promoting its productions and awarding an annual scholarship to deserving theatre students.

Supporting Encore

Members of Wesleyan Encore and other donors may direct gifts to the Wesleyan Encore Fund, and volunteers from among the Wesleyan Encore membership select one or more students annually to receive awards, the size of which depend upon available funds and the number of students selected.

Give To Wesleyan Encore

Applicant Eligibility & Receiving Funds

To be eligible, students must be freshmen, sophomore or junior theatre majors in good academic standing and must submit an application to the Wesleyan Encore selection committee. Students will be chosen on the basis of their accomplishments in Theatre and career goals.  Financial need is not a consideration in determining the awards. Awards are announced at the Alumni Night at the annual Spring Musical.

Awards are given as above and beyond students’ existing scholarships or other financial aid and are applied directly to the student recipients’ accounts at the University.

Applications are available in the Theatre Business Office, or contact Scott Cannon at

Previous Recipients

2021 – Ethan Brandt, Meghan Lewis, Julissa Norment and Yajaira Rosales

2020 – Lauren Garza, Darin Martin, and Ryan Simón

2019 – Tristen Brown, Kaitlin Hatton, and Ryan Simón

2018 – Kimberly Owen and Alfredo Tamayo

2017 – Jorge Flores and Dean Phillips II

2016 – Tyler Guse and Trey Cardona

2015 – Cameron Byerly

2014 – Jacob Rivera-Sanchez

2013 – Spencer Baker and Brittany Adelstein

2012 – Jessica Lavilla

2011 – Jeremy Jackson

2010 – Joy Millard

2009 – Jennye James

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