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Benefits of earning your MBA on campus

10.20.2015 | By:
Get your MBA on campus

You can do almost anything online today, including order your groceries, video chat with someone halfway across the world and keep complete track of your finances. You can even take MBA courses. But when it comes to getting a truly valuable education, it’s important to consider the on-campus alternative.

The appeal of earning your MBA online is obvious. You can work at your own pace from the comfort of your home. You never need to worry about transportation or finding a babysitter.

You Have Interaction with Other MBA Students

Your network is one of your most valuable resources, and when studying for your MBA courses, it’s good to have a network that understands your struggles and may have answers to some of your questions. Having face-to-face interaction with other MBA students allows you to ask questions, provide answers and meet outside of class for discussions on the program. While the opinion of friends, family and admissions counselors is helpful, nothing can replace the advice of a fellow student.

You Have Access to Campus Resources

A college campus has so many resources that can help you as you earn your degree, and we don’t just mean the library. College campuses have study areas, writing centers, counseling centers, daycares, technology hubs and more for you to use, many times for free or reduced costs.

Distance learning means that you are only working with the resources in your home or in your community, which leaves many of your needs unmet.

There is Structure in Your Day

Everyone has a unique way of learning and working efficiently. Some people love the flexibility of online MBA courses because they can fit their work in during breaks in their day. Others like to have direction and structure in their day, which is why attending classes in an actual classroom can be helpful.

Structure in your assignments and timeline can help you finish your degree on time and stay focused as you deal with other aspects of your life.

Most schools make their on-campus classes fit into the schedules of people with full-time jobs or children, offering evening and weekend classes. Don’t just assume that an on-campus program can’t work for your schedule!

The Cost May Be Lower

Many people assume that full-time online MBA courses are more affordable than attending classes on campus. However, many online programs are just as expensive, if not more expensive, than an on-campus experience. And without access to campus resources, the price may be more than you realize.

You’ll Work With Quality Instructors

University professors have busy schedules, which means that not all of them are available to teach online MBA classes as well as their regular course load. To remedy this issue, many schools will employ adjunct professors who have experience in the field but may not have the educational background of a typical professor.