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Enactus promotes networking in a cheesy way

12.02.2018 | By:
The Transfer Project hosted a Nacho Night full of introductions

The Transfer Project, one of the School of Business Enactus projects, held a Nacho Night to promote networking between majors. The event was held in the Jack Morton Business Accelerator across from the University on Rosedale St.

Students networked through interactive game play. After signing in, students were given a custom bingo card and a cup based on their classification as a student.‌‌ The classifications were traditional (long term), nontraditional/transfer (short term), and international (foreign) student. Each bingo card had student characteristics written in the squares. The goal was to have the students interact with different majors in order to meet others with the characteristics from the bingo cards.

After the fun, students enjoyed nachos while mingling with their new acquaintances.

“We encouraged students to stay in contact with the people they met since you never know when you may need their help,” said general business major, Karen Duarte-Escobar.‌

Many students enjoyed the event and being able to connect with their peers like management junior Devin Griffin.

“It was a great experience learning who people are and being able to exchange facts with one another,” Griffin said. 

The School of Business showed their support as well with Amber Procter-Willman making an appearance.

“It was a really cool event. I was able to talk with so many interesting students.” Procter-Willman said. “I hope they do it again.”

The Transfer Project held a Nacho Night to promote networking between majors.