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Texas Wesleyan Launches Micro Credential Program

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FORT WORTH — The Texas Wesleyan School of Business Administration has launched a microcredential program, offering more than 30 business and technology certifications from leading companies like Google, Meta, IBM, Intuit and Salesforce. This initiative is part of a broader effort by Texas Wesleyan to equip students, faculty and the public with workforce-ready skills.

“Major firms require these credentials from the outset,” says Dr. Sameer Vaidya, dean of the School of Business Administration. “We’re on the frontline here. Texans need a new generation of business owners and employees with skills that provide value.”

A recent study found that 20% of students felt their college failed to provide them with needed job skills, and nearly 40% occasionally or rarely use the skills they learned. Microcredentials, in contrast, take only one or two semesters to complete and demonstrate mastery over a specific skill set. This provides employers with a clear and verifiable picture of an applicant's value, which is attractive to organizations across industries.

Students will receive a discount of at least 70% for microcredential programs. Alumni are also encouraged to pursue these credentials for a discount.

“An alumni discount is part of an effort to bring business leaders back to the school and facilitate collaboration between students and experienced business professionals,” Vaidya said.

The situation in Texas is critical. Over half of Texas workers lack the skills companies need to bolster local economies and attract new businesses. Texas Wesleyan, however, is taking action.

"We're local and global," Vaidya said. "We make leaders. This is us stepping up our services to meet the challenges of the real world."

In 2022, more than 20 leading business and education organizations urged state policymakers to strengthen funding for colleges in Texas. The Texas Wesleyan School of Business Administration is responding with a pledge to provide Texas businesses with a skilled workforce.

“This is about the future of our state and our people,” says Vaidya. “Microcredentials are the first step toward an agile framework where small-scale mastery of key skills is the objective. That’s how the 21st-century economy works, and we’re going to solve Texas’ worker shortage starting today.”

As part of Texas Wesleyan’s dedication to public service, members of the public can access discounted subscriptions through the university’s license. 

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