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Heida Reed

Heida Reed Faculty 2015

Heida Reed, Ph. D.

Visiting Professor of Business Administration
Armstrong-Mabee Business Center 320


  • Ph.D., Learning Technologies / Educational Computing — University of North Texas
  • M.S. Computer Education and Cognitive Systems — University of North Texas
  • B.A.A.S. Applied Technology Performance Improvement — University of North Texas

About Professor Reed

Dr. Reed is in her fifth year of teaching, her first year at Texas Wesleyan. She teaches Advanced Business Applications and is a self-proclaimed “computer science nerd.” Dr. Reed loves teaching and being able to share her passion for computer science.

Why did Dr. Reed want to become a member of the Texas Wesleyan family? It's because of the "Smaller. Smarter." family. She has been a faculty member at many different schools but has never felt as at home as she does here. And when Dr. Reed says “at home” it may have a different meaning than some others because Texas is nowhere close to home.

Her home is far in the North Atlantic Ocean, on the beautiful island of Iceland. She finds Texas Wesleyan’s diversity and uniqueness is not only accepted, but it is also championed! As a foreign national she relates to international students who are so far away from home. Dr. Reed always goes out of her way to make all of her students feel wanted and welcome. That is why she loves being a part of the Wesleyan family. Here, regardless of where you come from, everyone is wanted and welcomed.

Dr. Reed has an extensive background in Computer Science, Networking, Web design, Learning Technologies & Educational Computing. She is experienced in designing and implementing instructional systems and supporting faculty instructional design, utilizing social media for teaching and learning.

Collaborating with national and international scholars in panel topics such as: "Digital Divide: Will Mobile Technology Lead the Change?", "Is this an iPad Revolution or Mobile Learning Revolution? A Global Perspective across Countries: 'iWorld, iLearn'" and "MOOCs to SIMMs: M-learning around the world." Dr. Reed is bilingual (Icelandic & English) and has published and presented at national and international conferences.

Research includes the digital divide, Digital Scholarship and Impact Factors: Methods and Tools to Connect Your Research, using social media as a multimedia teaching element, expanding into using social media as a learning management system, experimenting at the universities of Iceland, North Texas and Texas at Arlington. She is vastly experienced in designing, implementing and instructing; online, face to face and hybrid classes in following content areas: Learning Technologies (LTEC), Business Computer Information Systems (BCIS), Computer Technology (CTEC), Computer Information Sciences (ITSC), Data Processing Tech (ITSW), Information Process/Data Tech (POFI) and Introduction to Computing (COSC). She has also designed and maintained several outstanding websites. As well as being highly skilled in developing, implementing and training in all aspects of computing, applied technology, Web applications and development.

Did you know?

Outside of the classroom, Dr. Reed stays very busy with her husband and three daughters. She also enjoys running, biking, swimming and golfing.

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