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DNP Project

Our DNP-FNP program follows the American Association of Colleges of Nursing's (AACN) recommendations for final scholarly product of DNP students. The DNP Project is the culmination of everything you've learned in the program. Keep in mind, the DNP Project is not a research dissertation.


About the project

The DNP Project may take different forms depending on the purpose and focus. When the project is done, it will include a description of the project, implementation and evaluation components. You'll be expected to distribute your project including, but not limited to, publication in a peer-reviewed journal, poster or podium presentation, presentation to stakeholders (verbally and in writing), development of continuing education course, development of clinical protocol that impacts practice change or other significant contribution to improving a practice or health outcome.

The project should:

  • Focus on a change that impacts health care outcomes either through direct or indirect care
  • Have a system (micro-meso- or macro-level) or population/aggregate focus
  • Demonstrate implementation in the appropriate area of practice
  • Include a plan for sustainability (e.g. fiscal, system, or political contexts)
  • Include an evaluation of processes and/or outcomes (formative or summative). These processes and outcomes must guide practice and policy
  • Provide a foundation for future practice scholarship

How do I pick my topic?

You'll start brainstorming ideas about the DNP Project in the first year of the program.

In your second year, you'll refine your ideas for improving health outcomes. The DNP Transition course in the last semester of the year 2 is designed to help you decide your focus and scope of the project, and develop the plan for implementation, evaluation and dissemination.

During the third year of the program – first and second semester – you'll implement and evaluate the project. The product is presented during your final semester.


Who do I work on my project with?

Your DNP Project Team guides your work. Your project team is made up of you, select faculty members and other appropriate mentors. Mentors don't have to be employed by Texas Wesleyan and can come from outside the University. Other collaborators who are experts in the field can provide a limited amount of support.

Have a question about your DNP Project? Get in touch with your advisor today.