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FNP Careers

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, you will deliver family-focused, primary care to people across the lifespan. FNPs can work in their own private practice or in collaboration with other healthcare professionals. In some states, you can practice autonomously – that is without a collaborating or supervising physician. In other states, some kind of association with a physician is required.

As an FNP, you can provide care in any of the below practices or facilities.

Family Practice Clinic Rural Health Clinic
Women's Health Practice Pediatric Practice
Internal Medicine Practice School-based Practice
Health & Wellness Practice  

Work in a specialty practice

Because of the broad range of skills some specialty practices may hire you. It's important to know that you're not educated and trained for a specialty practice, but you may be hired to provide primary care to patients who seek specialty care.

In most states, to provide specialty services, the Family Nurse Practitioner may need to demonstrate additional training and/or education. Some of these specialty practices are:

Dermatology Practice Cardiology Practice
Orthopedic Practice Neurosurgical Practice
Oncology Practice Palliative Care

Work in other areas of health care

Family Nurse Practitioners are equipped for other kinds of work, such as teaching in nursing/nurse practitioner programs, providing employee health care in corporate systems, advising and leading health and wellness initiatives for insurance companies and participating on research teams.