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Get your MBA 100% online
Get your MBA 100% online
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Degree Plan

Degree Plan

Download your degree plan today or see more details by logging in to your Ramlink account. You can also see course numbers and descriptions by looking at the University Catalog.

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This is an example degree plan to help you while you're planning your course schedule each semester. You can decide what courses to take and in what order.


Degree Requirements

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Master of Science in School Counseling, M.S.Sch.Couns.

Required Courses


COU 6301 Theories of Counseling 3 Credits
COU 6302 Lifespan/Human Growth & Development 3 Credits
COU 6303 Techniques of Appraisal & Assessment 3 Credits
COU 6304 Multicult/Cross-Cultural Counseling 3 Credits
COU 6306 Research Methodology & Program Evalua 3 Credits
COU 6307 Career Development & Assessment 3 Credits
COU 6309 Ethical & Prof Conduct for Counselors 3 Credits
COU 6310 Advanced Psychopathology 3 Credits
COU 6314 Prof Identity & Prepracticum Skills 3 Credits
COU 6317 Introduction to School Counseling 3 Credits
COU 6318 Programs in School Counseling 3 Credits
COU 6319 Practicum in School Counseling 3 Credits
COU 6332 Crisis Intervention Counseling 3 Credits

On Campus OR Study Abroad Options

Students are required to complete all three on-campus courses, OR a combination of on-campus and study abroad courses. Participation in study abroad requires enrolling in six hours and may be taken twice. Students should work with their advisor to select the best combination of courses.

On-Campus Courses

COU 6308 Advanced Counseling and Crisis Skills 3 Credits
COU 6312 Group Counseling 3 Credits
COU 6313 Counseling Children & Adolescents 3 Credits

Study Abroad Courses

COU 6370 Adv Cou/Crisis Interv/Couples 3 Credits
COU 6371 Group Cou/Fam Therapy 3 Credits
COU 6372 Fam/Ther/Interv Child/Adol 3 Credits

Total Hours (48)

Know you're taking right classes to meet your requirements. Download an example degree plan and see what classes you'll take to become a school counselor.


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