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International Studies

A critical goal of this minor involves increasing the marketability of major degrees by adding important intercultural competencies. Studies show that employers in most industries increasingly value applicants with international exposure and experience over those who don't.

Program Information

Process for Declaring the Minor

In order to officially sign up for the minor, submit the following form to the Registrar's office:

Advising for the Minor

Since the minor in International Studies is intended to be interdisciplinary, it does not belong to any of the existing colleges at Texas Wesleyan; instead it is administered as part of University Programs. Since a student's major advisor knows him or her best, they should be the students' first line when questions regarding course selection arise.

General Questions and Administration of the Minor

The International Student Advisor in the International Programs office and the Faculty Liaison for International Studies are also available resources for questions and advising. The Committee for International Education serves in an advisory role for the minor.

Q: Can courses I take for GEC requirements or for my major also count towards the minor at the same time?

A: Yes

Q: How do I sign up for the minor?

A: See the Advising and Administration for form and instructions.

Q: Do I need to take credits above and beyond the 128 required to graduate in order to complete this minor?

A: No, most students will be able to fit the 18 required credits within the 128 total required for graduation.

Q: Who will advise me for this minor?

A: Please ask your major advisor which courses are most appropriate for you. However, both the Faculty Liaison for International Studies and the Director of International Programs are available for questions.