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Ed.D. with Leadership or Curriculum & Instruction Concentrations

Degree Plan

Download a sample degree plan below or see more details by logging in to your Ramlink account. The sample is meant to be a guide. Work with your advisor on a plan that is right for you. You can also see course numbers and descriptions by looking at the University Catalog.

These are examples of degree plans meant to guide you while you're planning your course schedule each semester. These are not inflexible schedules that you have to follow exactly.

Ed.D. with Leadership Concentration (PDF) Ed.D. with Curriculum & Instruction Concentration (PDF) 

Degree Requirements

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Doctor of Education, Ed.D.

To successfully complete the program, a student must complete the core courses and the required courses for either the curriculum and instruction or educational leadership concentration. The student may choose to complete all courses (up to a total of 75 credit hours). A student may graduate after completing one concentration and continue in the remaining concentration courses following program completion and have these courses reflected on the official University transcript.

Ed.D. Core Curriculum

Students should review catalog course descriptions for any course prerequisites before registration. Students are not allowed to register for a course unless they satisfy all course prerequisites.

Required Courses

EDU 8301 Intro to Doctoral Studies, Phi and Ethic 3 Credits
EDU 8302 Principles of Educational Research 3 Credits
EDU 8303 Policy/Organizational Change/Education 3 Credits
EDU 8304 Quant Res Design, Data Collect, Analysis 3 Credits
EDU 8305 Qualitative Design/Statistics/Analysis 3 Credits
EDU 8306 Diversity Frameworks 3 Credits
EDU 8307 Statistical Methods of Inquiry 3 Credits
EDU 8308 Technology for Educational Professional 3 Credits

Concentration Area

Choose one:

Curriculum and Instruction

EDU 8312 Curriculum Design 3 Credits
EDU 8313 Emerging Instructional Strategies 3 Credits
EDU 8314 Global Issues/Pedagogy/Educ Policy 3 Credits
EDU 8317 Seminar: Professional Conference 3 Credits
EDU 8318 Current Trends/Curriculum & Instruction 3 Credits
EDU 8319 Eval Ed Prog /Profes Staff Dev 3 Credits

Educational Leadership

EDU 8314 Global Issues/Pedagogy/Educ Policy 3 Credits
EDU 8320 Perspectives in Leadership 3 Credits
EDU 8321 Educational Law and Policy 3 Credits
EDU 8323 Supervision/Personnel/Instructional Pgm 3 Credits
EDU 8325 Org Imprvmt & Community Relations 3 Credits
EDU 8326 School Finance and Budgeting 3 Credits

Related Elective Courses

Choose 9 hours from the following courses, or similar doctoral level courses, or student/advisor designed courses, or combination, upon approval of Director:

EDU 8609 Culture & Commun Travel Prog 6 Credits
EDU 8310 The Professoriate 3 Credits
EDU 8311 Current/Hist Theorist/Rsch in Education 3 Credits
EDU 8317 Seminar: Professional Conference 3 Credits
EDU 8341 Emp 1 Issues/Prob Field Study 3 Credits
EDU 8342 Emp II Cur Res Pol Law Field of Study 3 Credits
EDU 8343 Emp III Synthesis/Pub Field Study 3 Credits

Dissertation Course

Students must complete 9 hours minimum of dissertation coursework.

Continuous enrollment in the dissertation course is required until the course is completed.

EDU 8331 Doctoral Dissertation 3 Credits

Total Hours (60)


Need a little bit more?

Sometimes the course number and title just aren't enough. Sometimes you need to know what the class is about. There's a lot to consider when you're trying to plan your schedule for the next semester. We have course descriptions that will tell you what kind of material is covered in the class, the prerequisite courses you'll need to take and more.

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