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Carlos Martinez

Dr. Carlos Martinez, Dean of Education

Carlos Martinez, Ph.D.

Dean of Education, Professor of Bilingual Education
Dan Waggoner Hall 104A


  • Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction, Bilingual Education – December 2000, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas  
  • M.Ed. Secondary Education and English as a Second Language - December 1990, Stephen F. Austin State University (Secondary Education), Nacogdoches, Texas 
  • B.A. Hispanic Studies and Linguistics - August 1986, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Awarded the degree and a secondary Spanish teaching certificate in 1986.

About Dr. Martinez 

Dr. Martinez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1964 and lived in New York City from 1966 to 1971.  He returned to Puerto Rico and graduated from high school in 1982.  He is the Dean of the School of Education at Texas Wesleyan University.   He has spent most of his academic career training urban teachers for classrooms comprised of English Language Learning students.  His research interest and publications have been focused on language assessment, language acquisition, and attitudes and perceptions regarding special language programs and bilingual education.  Dr. Martinez's study abroad experience began in 1993 when he took a group of 21 students to Costa Rica.  Since then, he has lead study abroad projects to Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Croatia, India and Nepal. 

Courses taught at Texas Wesleyan

  • EDU 3310 Multicultural Education
  • EDU 3324 Language Acquisition & Development
  • EDU 3363 Foundations of Bilingual Education
  • EDU 4317 ESL Methodology
  • EDU 4329 Content Methodology in Bilingual Classrooms
  • EDU 4362 Reading and Language Arts in Bilingual Classrooms
  • RDG 4323 ESL Literacy
  • EDU 6307 Emerging Issues in Education
  • EDU 6356 Applied Linguistics
  • EDU 6357 Cross-Cultural Communication
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