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Aileen Curtin

Education Professor Aileen Curtin

Ellen Curtin

Professor of Education
Dan Waggoner Hall 101B


  • University of North Texas 1996 -2002 Doctor of Philosophy, Major: Curriculum & Instruction, Minor: Educational Administration  
  • Texas Wesleyan University 1994 - 1996 M.ED., Major: Education, Minor: Analytic Teaching  
  • University of Missouri 1990 Completed Kansas State Teacher Certification Requirements
  • National University of Ireland (Mary Immaculate College, Limerick), Ireland 1980-1983 B. Ed, Major: Education & Gaelic/Irish Language Minor: Religion/Theology

Certifications in Texas

  • Early Childhood Education, Pre-K/K (Life)
  • Elementary Self-Contained, 1-8th grade (Life)
  • Principal Certification/Mid-Management Administrator (2017)
  • English as a Second Language, ESL (2017)

Certifications in the Republic of Ireland 

  • Certified pre-K-6th grade (Life), 
  • National School Teacher-regular and Gaelscoil
  • Irish Language/Gaelic Teacher
  • Religion/Catechetics, Pre-K-6th grade  

Courses taught at Texas Wesleyan:

  • EDU 4317 ESL Methodology
  • RDG 4323 ESL Literacy
  • EDU 4610 Environmental Processes/Early Childhood Assessment
  • MFC Foundations of Yoga
  • EDU 6305 Psycho social Issues in Education
  • EDU 8305 Qualitative Design and Analysis
  • EDU 8331 Doctoral Dissertation
  • EDU 8302 Principles of Educational Research
  • EDU 8303 Policy and Organizational Change
  • EDU 8314 Global Issues in Pedagogy and Educational Policy
  • EDU 8317 Seminar: Educational Conference
  • EDU 8318 Current Trends in Curriculum and Instruction
  • EDU 8310 The Professoriate
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  1. Panelist Speaker: Principal’s Center at Texas Wesleyan University, September 2009. Discussion Topic: Education Policy and Change (State and Federal policy; No Child Left Behind, etc.)
  2. Presenter: Higher Education Collaborative Conference (HEC), Dallas, Texas, November 2009. Presentation Title: Vocabulary and Oral Language Development Training for Pre-service & In-service Teachers 
  3. Presentation: Institute for Public School Initiative-staff development training provided for K-5th grade public school teachers, reading coaches, and administrators: [State of] Texas Reading First. Presentation Title: Oral Language and Vocabulary Development.  Presentations made over a 3 day period at each of the following locations: June 2010 - Dallas, Texas; and July 2010 - Galveston, Texas 
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  6. Co-Presenter: University College Day, Texas Wesleyan University, Fort Worth, Texas 2013. Presentation title "Liberal Arts Education and Your Path" a Socratic dialog. Presenters: Herr, Jeffrey and Curtin Ellen (Faculty Sponsor).
  7. Earl Brown Commencement Speaker: Texas Wesleyan University, May 2013. Topic: "Life is a Journey" 
  8. Presenter: NACLT (National Association of Celtic Language Teachers), Waterford, Ireland.  June 2014. Presentation Title: “A Comprehensible Review of Second Language Acquisition Theory for Celtic Language Teachers With Practical Classroom Application Strategies”.
  9. Exhibit:  University College Day, Texas Wesleyan University, April 2015, “Memories and Moments in Time” 
  10. Presenter: NAACLT (North American Association of Celtic Language Teachers), Portland, Oregon.  June 2015. Presentation Title: “The Role of Creative Arts for Celtic Language Learners” 
  11. Presenter: IJAS (International Journal of Arts and Science), Paris, France, 2016. How educational policy impacts pedagogy: experiences and perceptions of pre-service ESL teaching candidates in Texas. 
Research Interests

I research second language education (Gaelic in Ireland). I also research the impact of educational policy on the teaching of immigrant and ESL students. I also am interested in how teachers are prepared to teach ESL students in K-12 grade public schools. I also research culturally responsive teaching, bilingual and ESL education, teacher education, and early childhood education. 

Dr. "Aileen" Curtin, a native of Ireland graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education from Mary Immaculate College of Education, Limerick, Ireland in 1983.  She was a Gaelic language immersion teacher for the Department of Education, Ireland, for six years before immigrating to the United States in 1989. She taught for Kansas City Kansas Public School District and for Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District until 1999. In 1996 and, while teaching for H-E-B ISD, she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Education from Texas Wesleyan University. In 1997, she was sworn in as a Naturalized United States citizen at Hurst Hills elementary in the presence of all the k-6th-grade students. In 2002 Dr. Curtin graduated from the University of North Texas with a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Administration. 

Dr. Curtin joined the faculty at Texas Wesleyan University in 2000. During her time at Texas Wesleyan, she has taught undergraduate and graduate students in the school of education.  From 2008-2009, she served as the Director of the new Doctor of Education degree program. She teaches doctoral courses and chairs dissertations in the Ed.D program.  She presents annually at many conferences with doctoral students and researchers specifically in the area of immigrant and second language education, culturally responsive teaching, Celtic languages foreign language education, and early childhood education. She serves on the Southern Educational Research Association Board and mentors and co-researches with doctoral students annually at this conference. She is the author of a University textbook entitled "Practical strategies for teaching English language learners" published by Pearson education in 2009. Dr. Curtin has served as a commissioner for Hurst Civil Service Commission Board since 2004. This board serves to investigate and report on all matters relating to the enforcement of local government and civil service codes for the police and fire officers in the city of Hurst. Dr. Curtin teaches Yoga at Morton Fitness Center and enjoys practicing Yoga daily.