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Get Involved with Graduate Education

Don't just go to class, get involved in the graduate education program. By getting involved in graduate education, you'll be able to meet more students like you, make connections and start practicing the skills you're learning in class. Don't wait, get involved today.

Volunteer at the Summer Reading Clinic

Are you an M.Ed. student getting your reading specialty degree? You have the opportunity to volunteer at Texas Wesleyan's Summer Reading Clinic and put your skills to use.

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Volunteer for the Summer Reading Clinic

Opportunities for Ed.D. students

Study abroad while you get your degree

Are you interested in studying abroad? It's a great way to travel, get elective credit for classes and have the experience of a lifetime. Recent trips have included India, Italy, Cuba and Oxford.

Your trip will include flights, accommodations, many sites, some meals and so much more. Ask your advisor today about what classes are available and how to take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

Attend the Southwest Educational Research Association (SERA) Conference

All Doctor of Education students are encouraged to attend professional conferences to further their knowledge and practices. You can either attend or present at the Southwest Educational Research Association (SERA) Conference. Attending the conference is directly related to classes you're taking in your degree plan.

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See recent dissertations defended by TXWES students

Interested in what students did before you? Check out the recent dissertations defended by Texas Wesleyan Doctor of Education students.

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