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Sharon Carano

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Sharon Carano, Ph.D., CAPE

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Sid W. Richardson Center 107


  • Ph.D. Kinesiology, Specialty Adapted Physical Education, Special Education, Texas Woman's University, 2014
  • MS. Exercise Science, Emphasis Special Population Lifespan University of Wisconsin - La Crosse, 2006
  • BS. Double Major Health and Physical Education K-12, Minor Coaching, Frostburg State University, 2000

Courses taught at Texas Wesleyan

  • ASE 1111: Freshman Success
  • EXS 1114: Personalized Fitness
  • EXS 1220: Basic Concepts of Wellness
  • EXS 1222: Lifetime Sport: Outdoor Education and Camping
  • EXS 1300: Foundations of Exercise Science
  • EXS 2201: Health and Physical Education Activities for Elementary Teachers
  • EXS 3304: Recreation Administration
  • EXS 3314: Coaching Methods
  • EXS 3320: Pedagogy (Secondary Focus)
Presentations & Grants


  • Colantonio, S. (2012).  Lose the training wheels.  Presented at: Parent teacher association, Dallas, TX
  • Busse, S., Belanger, J., Colantonio, S., Dillon, L., Enos, M., Hays, T., Kanterman, G., Miller, B., &
  • Robinson,L.A. with Waugh-Graham, L. (Advisor) [2011].  APE Middle School Best Practices.  Presented at: Texas Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, Arlington, TX.
  • Colantonio, S. (2011).  What is APE?  Presented at: Council for Exceptional Children Texas Woman’s University Local Chapter.  Denton, TX.
  • Colantonio, S. (2011).  Response to Intervention in Adapted/Physical Education. Presented at: Texas Woman’s University Spring 2011 Student Teacher/Intern Professional Development Seminars, Denton.           
  • Belanger, J., Colantonio, S., & French, R. (2011).  A survey of interest and need for an adapted physical activity taxonomy.  Presented at: 88th American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance National Convention, San Diego, CA.
  • Colantonio, S., & French, R., (2010).  Bibliometric Analysis of Self-Perception of Children with Disabilities in
  • Physical Education, Physical Activity, Sport and Play: 1890-2009.  Presented at: 87th American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance National Convention, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Colantonio, S. (2006).  Critical Analysis: Adventure experiences and their effect on self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-confidence as it relates to special populations. Presented at: University of Wisconsin, La Crosse.
  • Klein, R., & Colantonio, S. (2008).  Lose the Training Wheels.  Presented at: Private Practice Occupational Therapists of St. Louis, MO.
  • Burt, T., & Colantonio, S. (2008).  Lose the Training Wheels.  Presented at: Special School District of St. Louis, MO.


  • Colantonio, S. (2012).  An Introduction to Adapted Physical Education and Sport.  Presented at: Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Waxahachie, TX.


  • Carano, S. (Not Funded, 2015). People for Bikes, $5, 000.
  • Colantonio, S.  (Not Funded, 2011).  Kellogg’s Corporation, Determine retention of bicycling acquisition skills in individuals with disabilities, $50,000.
  • Carano, S., Silliman-French, L., French, R., Nichols, D., & Rose, K. (Submitted, 2015) Development of a research taxonomy for Adapted physical activity. Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly.
  • Development of a research taxonomy for adapted physical activity (2014).
  • Colantonio, S. (2012).  Tips and Techniques on Learning to Ride Conventional Bicycles for Individuals with Disabilities. Published in proceedings: North American Federation of Adapted Physical Activity, Conference Manual, Birmingham, AL. 
  • Halvorson, L., Cavanaugh, L., &  Colantonio, S. (2012).  Pre-service teacher knowledge of special education: Best Practices.  Published in proceedings: National Social Science Association, Conference Manual, Las Vegas, NV.
  • Belanger, J., Colantonio, S., & French, R. (2011).  Adapted Physical Activity Quality of Evidence Taxonomy. Published in proceedings:  National Consortium for Physical Education and Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities, Conference Manual, San Diego, CA.
Research & Research Interests


  • Acquisition of bicycle-riding skills in children ages 5-18 with and without disabilities who do not know how to ride

Research Interests

  • Evaluating the quality of research and further development of the APAT
  • Development of the Adapted Physical Activity Taxonomy (APAT) evaluating the quality of research
Certifications, Licenses & Memberships


  • Certified Adapted Physical Educator
  • Texas Teacher Certificate - EC-12 Physical Education (2020)
  • Missouri Teacher Certificate - K-12 Health; Physical Education (Lifetime)
  • Maryland Teacher Certification - K-12 Health; Physical Education


  • FCC Radio Operator License: KG5ILC

Professional Memberships

  • SHAPE America (Formerly American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance)
  • Texas Association of Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance
  • Missouri Association of Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance
  • Council for Exceptional Children
  • Council for the Blind
  • Article Reviewer: Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly (2015)
  • Grant Reviewer: Head Start Body Start (2010, 2011)