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Work Study

Federal Work-Study 

Federal Work-Study provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. The program encourages community service work and work related to the student’s course of study.

Here’s a quick overview of Federal Work-Study: 

  • It provides part-time employment while you are enrolled in school.
  • It’s available to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students with financial need.
  • It’s available to full-time or part-time students.
  • It’s administered by schools participating in the Federal Work-Study Program. 
  • Each school has a set Federal Work-Study allocation and not all eligible students will receive it. 

What you need to know:

  • Student's requesting work-study must complete the FAFSA application which opens October 1 each year - select "yes" when you reach the question asking if you are interested in work-study.
  • If you are selected for vetification, you will not be able to recieve work-study until the verification process is complete.
  • Funding is limited, those who have all the requirements completed will be awarded first.
  • Not all who are eligible for work-study will recieve work-study.
  • Work-study is not a payment to student accounts like other Financial Aid awards. 
  • If you do not complete the required paperwork, the work-study award will be rescinded.  

What kind of jobs are there? 

The Federal Work-Study Program emphasizes employment in civic education and work related to your course of study whenever possible. Click here to view Federal Work-Study positions at TXWES. You may not begin working in a Federal Work-Study position until after you have received clearance and confirmation from both the offices of Human Resources (HR) and Financial Aid. 

  • Apply for a work-study job.
  • The hiring supervisor will contact you for an interview.
  • Bring a copy of your class schedule and work availability to the interview.
  • If hired, you will receive a Student Employment offer packet from HR.
  • Once you have completed the packet, submit the packet to HR.
  • New employee doucmentation must be completed with three days of employment.

How much can I earn?

Your total work-study award depends on:

  • When you apply.
  • Your level of financial need, and TXWES funding level.

How will I be paid?

  • You're paid by the hour.
  • Work up to 20 hours a week.
  • You're paid bi-weekly.
  • TXWES pays you directly unless you request that the school use the money to pay for your education-related institutional charges such as tuition, fees, and room and board.

Can I work as many hours as I want?

No. You can not work more than 20 hours a week. The amount you earn can’t exceed your total Federal Work-Study award. When assigning work hours, your supervisor and the Office of Financial Aid will consider your class schedule and your academic progress.