Go from RN to CRNA, Entry-level doctor of nurse anesthesia practice.
Go from RN to CRNA, Entry-level doctor of nurse anesthesia practice.
Go from RN to CRNA, Entry-level doctor of nurse anesthesia practice.

Liberal Studies

Your future starts in liberal studies.
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Your future starts in liberal studies.

A bachelor’s degree is a direct route to opportunity. The liberal studies program is a great path for transfer students and professionals with college experience looking to take the next step to success. Flexible class schedules make it easy for you to balance the college life with your life.

What are some potential careers?

Thinking about career advancement, career change or getting an advanced degree? We design individual degree completion plans that work to your academic interests and professional goals.

  • Education (Early Childhood Education: Grade 6 ESL Certification)
  • Social Services related occupations
  • Business marketing and management
  • Non-profit administration and management
  • Religion related program coordination or administration
  • Arts related program coordination or management
  • Law enforcement and the legal profession
  • Personal knowledge and achievement
What else can I do?
  • Travel abroad with groups from various disciplines
  • Join honor societies related to degree disciplines (based on number of hours & societies’ criteria)
  • Apply for Internships related to degree disciplines
  • Apply to graduate school
  • Participate in Wesleyan’s pre-professional program
What if I want to teach?

No problem. We offer a certification through the School of Education that prepares you to teach at the elementary level.

You'll take 39 hours of education classes and get the classroom experience you need with six hours of student teaching.

Where are students now?


  • Certified teachers in public and private schools
  • Teachers in alternative certification programs

Graduate School

  • Counseling
  • Social Sciences
  • Library Science
  • Law School
  • MBA programs


  • Education
  • Industry
  • Corporate or non-profits
  • Retail
  • Law enforcement and security


  • With increased salaries, responsibilities and prestige