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About the exhibition

Exhibition Dates: Oct. 16-Dec. 5
Opening Reception: Oct. 21, 2-4 p.m. Bernice Coulter Templeton Studio gallery
Mitchell-Reed artist lecture: Oct. 24, 12:15-1:30 p.m. Bernice Coulter Templeton Studio gallery

ANIMUS is curated by Thomas Motley and features the works of Juan Cruz and Genevieve Armstrong. Cruz and Armstrong are up and coming artists. Both artists feature large-format works on paper that are introspective and challenge the viewer personally as well as culturally.

Click on the works of art below to see a preview of the exhibit.


About the Curator & Artists

Thomas Motley, Curator's Statement

"Each of these artists seeks a kind of recovery, a restoration of dignity and purpose within the human body and spirit." 

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Juan Cruz, Artist Statement 

"My artwork is made through personal, emotional responses to religious beliefs, social issues and cultural traditions." 

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Genevieve Armstrong, Artist Statement

"I am obsessed with the female figure, a subject hijacked over millennia; she has been consistently dehumanized and objectified." 

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