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Dual: Angel Fernandez and Winter Rusiloski

About the exhibition

Dates of Exhibition: Aug. 21-Oct. 4 in the Bernice Coulter Templeton Art Studio gallery
Opening Reception: Sept. 16, 2-4 p.m. in the Bernice Coulter Templeton Art Studio gallery

For their third collaborative exhibition, Rusiloski and Fernandez explore the dynamic of being husband and wife, art professors and parents. Rusiloski grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania in a rural setting. Fernandez grew up in Northern Mexico in the state of Chihuahua. Their diverse backgrounds serve as the foundation for their current aesthetic interests. Large mountains, desert and water are vast monumental scale environments whose Romantic qualities continually influence them. Both work in an abstract manner generalizing their environment. 

The Rusiloski Fernandez family, including five daughters and a dog, traversed the landscape from Texas to the New England coast via Niagara Falls, the Great Lakes, upstate New York and Pennsylvania. The family also visited Big Bend, Chihuahua, the Copper Canyon and Cascada Basaseachi. These travels were artistically invigorating. Rusiloski and Fernandez approach art-making and family life as a single inseparable endeavor.

Click on the works of art below to see a preview of the exhibit.