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Smaller. Smarter. Moments.
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Smaller. Smarter. Moments.
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Smaller. Smarter. Moments.
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Intentionally Small
Engaging Educators
Critical Thinkers
Movers & Shakers
Top-Tier Value
A Texas-sized Reputation
We're the little guy, and we like it that way because we know that big ideas start in small classes. We're small by design, so we can keep the focus on our students. Professors and students are friends on Facebook. Students text professors questions about assignments. The biggest lecture hall on campus? It could fit in a big school's "small" lecture hall.
About that small-class thing: Our full-time faculty members are in those small classes, asking questions and pushing students to think in new ways. Add to that fieldwork, internships and study abroad, where students experience real-world concepts in real time, and you'll see why our students love it here. Just talk to one of our professors for a few minutes; you'll be ready to sign up for a class, too.
The world needs bold thinkers to challenge and lead, and many students will need graduate degrees to get there. We see that, and that's why we emphasize critical thinking and analytical reasoning. They are the skills that prepare students for graduate school and professional careers. Students learn more than facts – they learn to think for themselves.
How do you spot a Wesleyan grad? Look in Congress, the state legislature, or behind the bench in a courtroom. Spot executives and managers in all types of businesses large and small, or look in a local classroom and watch a teacher inspire a child. Across many fields, our graduates are problem-solvers who relish new challenges and love to step up to the plate. And why not? They practiced it here.


Smaller. Smarter.

The "Elevator Speech"

We've been doing great things at Texas Wesleyan for more than 120 years – and we're just getting started.

We think smaller at Texas Wesleyan. Smaller means we're teaching students to think for themselves in small classes. Smaller means we're sized to prepare students for graduate school, or a professional career. Smaller means our faculty really does transform the lives of students.

And smaller means the bill, too. Texas Wesleyan does all this at a lower price than other top-tier, private universities. We might be smaller, but isn't that smarter?

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