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Our Values

The Texas Wesleyan message is based on our mission and vision, the strategic plan of the university and significant market-based research conducted with Noel-Levitz Higher Education Consulting.


Our mission guides the university’s communication strategy to develop students to their full potential as individuals and as members of the world community.


Our vision states that Texas Wesleyan aspires to be a values- and student-centered university where motivated students prepare for graduate school and leadership in professional careers.

Strategic Plan

2020 Strategic Goals, Objectives, and Measures is a set of priorities for the university that serve as a roadmap to educational excellence. The plan underscores the importance of the university’s, mission, vision and core values.

Academic Distinction
Student Experience
Campus Enhancement
Financial Vitality
Marketing & Branding

Marketing Goal and Objectives

Our goal is to be recognized in the community as a leader in the provision of pre-professional undergraduate liberal arts and graduate professional programs.

  • The community will be aware of the University and its programs.
  • All university communications will reflect a consistent and coordinated Texas Wesleyan brand aligned with the academic and strategic priorities.
  • Communications internally and externally will be enhanced through the support of the advancement of Texas Wesleyan by all divisions and departments.
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