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Engage in Community

We will engage in community building with our students, neighbors, alumni, and the private sector to enhance diversity, inclusion, student life, civic responsibility, and economic opportunity empowering our students’ success as well as revitalizing our campus and our neighborhood.

Each member of the university will strive to create and strengthen lasting and meaningful community connections. Faculty and staff will adhere to a growth mindset and institutional culture will be a driving force for professional development and well-being. We will facilitate strong and consistent student curricular, co-curricular, athletic, and extra-curricular engagement that will result in a holistic education that fosters an inclusive and global view of the community and a deep sense of civic responsibility. Graduates will leave Texas Wesleyan knowing how to build deep connections with their own communities and how to influence long-lasting positive change. The university will facilitate a continuation of meaningful connection with its alumni by creating activities and rewarding volunteer opportunities that inspire alumni to support the university’s mission, celebrate its achievement, and strengthen its reputation. Our community engagement will break boundaries extending far beyond campus to the surrounding neighborhood, region, and across the globe. The university will continue its partnerships to economically revitalize the community, creating opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to engage with local businesses and proprietors, leading to increased levels of mentorship through facilitated professional interactions, internship opportunities, athletic program mentoring, and experiential learning.