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Engage in Learning

We will engage in transformative learning with facilities and technology to support exceptional teachers who help students reach their full potential through a distinctive curriculum that focuses on knowledge, critical thinking, analytical reasoning, creative problem solving, and cross-cultural competencies that employers value.

Every member of the academy will strive to create an academic experience that fosters intellectual curiosity and the desire for lifelong learning in our students. Consistent with our liberal arts tradition, we must prepare students with critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and creative problem-solving skills for success in graduate school, professional careers, and beyond. We will provide students with diverse, high-impact educational, athletic, and co-curricular opportunities to encourage students to explore a variety of disciplines and careers. The recruitment and development of teaching faculty as outstanding scholar-mentors are essential to providing our students with the academic and personal support they deserve. We will create an engaging learning environment for students by continuously improving academic, athletic, and residential facilities and deploying technology in innovative and effective ways. Faculty, student support staff, and coaches will collaborate to nurture and guide students through the completion of their academic careers. Through exposure to a diversity of people, experiences, and global issues, we will prepare students to become leaders. We will offer high quality academic programs that are future-focused and accessible to a diverse population in order to serve our local and regional communities.