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Rams First Mentorship Program

Bronze statue of a ram.

The Rams First Mentorship Program is a peer-to-peer mentoring program designed to provide TXWES freshmen and current students with meaningful relationships with faculty and staff at Texas Wesleyan University. Our goal of the Rams First Mentoring Program is to provide all students with the knowledge, confidence and tools to grow their network and advance in their career endeavors.


Mentoring Model

This circle of faculty and staff mentors is dedicated to sharing their own experiences as college students and providing caring guidance to all students that will support their determination through graduation. Mentors will commit to mentoring at least one to two students for one year for at least 1 hour per month.

What will you Gain

You will gain professional development and career direction while fostering a relationship with a person who can be a mentor and role model. You can discuss any concerns or challenges you face as a college student at TXWES while gaining support, direction and connectivity from your mentor. It is especially important during these uncertain times to build community and learn from others to prepare you for your future.

Rams First Interest Form Process

The 2022-2023 Rams First Interest Form is now open! All mentors will be required to submit an interest form. Mentors and Mentees are primarily paired based on major but may also be paired on other factors. Mentors and Mentees will be notified via email with detailed information on their match. For more information and to submit an interest form, click the Student Mentee Information or Mentor Information below.

Mentee and Mentor Information

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Program Resources

Good Questions to Ask a Mentee Good Questions to Ask a Mentor
Guiding Mentoring Principles Initial Conversation Guide
Mentoring Conservation Guide Rams First Meeting Tracking Form
Rams First Mentor-Mentee Resource Guide   


For more questions, please contact Tamika Johnson.