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For Faculty and Staff Mentors

Faculty and Staff Mentors

Mentor Eligibility

Any faculty or staff of Texas Wesleyan University.


Any faculty or staff interested in becoming a Rams First Mentor can submit an interest form or email Tamika Johnson expressing their interest. Signing up is easy, just click the link below.


Duration of the Program

Mentors will be paired with at least one to two mentees for the duration of one year based on major, hobbies or career interests. In addition to providing personalized support, we will host academic and social events throughout the year that are not required but highly recommended. These events will be an opportunity to build community.

Expectations for Mentors

  • Proactively connect at least once a month with your mentee(s) throughout the academic year, consisting of fall and spring and commit to expectations set (contact should be initiated by the mentee however you can always encourage/remind the student)
  • Serve as mentors to current TXWES students about navigating the University and Career path through firsthand advice. Listen with respect and openness.
  • Use personal and professional experiences as a college student to support and provide insight into resources, career exploration and professional development
  • Help students develop their professional skills such as resume and cover letter writing, interview skills and communication etiquette


The program requires a commitment of one academic year (September – May). As a mentor, we highly recommend participating in the workshops for all mentors and mentees. These events may focus on resume writing, budgeting, networking, mock interviewing etc.) and provide an opportunity for all program participants to network and interact as a group. We have also developed Guiding Principles for Mentors that will help set the foundation for a successful mentorship.