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Information for Student Mentees

Information for Student Mentees

Mentee Eligibility

Any freshmen and current student enrolled at Texas Wesleyan University can request a mentor through the Rams First Mentoring Program.


Rams First Advisor will hold informational sessions about the program, in the beginning of each semester and have a sign-up for any students who are interested. New freshmen students enrolled at Texas Wesleyan University will receive an invitation to participate in the program. Interested students may also email Tamika Johnson expressing their interest. Signing up is easy, just click the link below.


Duration of the Program

Students will be paired with a mentor for the duration of one year based on major, hobbies or career interests. In addition, to providing personalized support, we will host academic and social events throughout that is year not required but highly recommended. These events will be an opportunity to get to know other students in the program and build friendships.

Expectations for Mentees

  • Proactively connect at least once a month with your mentor throughout the academic year, consisting of fall and spring and commit to expectations set by the program
  • Utilize campus tools/resources presented at workshops and through the TXWES Career Center website
  • Attend workshops focused on academic success, career development and wellness.