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Student Government


The mission of the Student Government Association shall be to interact with the administration, faculty, staff and students of Texas Wesleyan University on behalf of the Student Body for the betterment of all students’ experience. 

A Word from the President

My fellow Rams,

Welcome to Texas Wesleyan's growing community of bright and unique minds. As your Student Government President, part of my job is to provide a bridge of communication between the students, faculty, and administration. The "Smaller. Smarter." experience carries over into our organization, so I encourage you to utilize us as a resource for information, development, and change. This year, our platform is: Sustainability. We hope to achieve this in a few ways:

1) We want to make Wesleyan long lasting by being environmentally friendly; and

2) We hope to leave lasting impressions on our students and the campus.

I would not be able to do it alone, however. I have a wonderful team of students that are here for you. I encourage every one of you to get into contact with us and to be active on campus. I promise it will be the cornerstone of your success and satisfaction on campus.

I look forward to working with you!

Alyssa Hutchinson
97th SGA President
Student Government Association

SGA President (2018-2019) Alyssa Hutchinson poses with Willie the Ram outside of the Brown-Lupton Center.