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Careers in Physics

Physics supports many different careers in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) fields and healthcare industry. In this department, you're learning inductive and deductive reasoning skills that will help you after graduation. Take a look at different career opportunities in the field of Physics.

Become a postsecondary teacher

In your physics classes, you'll have a quantitative understanding of nature and properties of motion, matter and energy. Since these are the most fundamental principles that form the foundations of chemical and biological phenomenon, you'll be prepared to teach in a wide range of postsecondary education subjects.

Physics Teacher Engineering Teacher
Atmospheric, Earth, Marine & Space Sciences Teacher Chemistry Teacher
Architecture Teacher Health Specialty Teacher
Environmental Science Teacher Biological Science Teacher
Mathematical Science Teacher  

Go into research

You're learning quantitative analysis skills that are key in the industry. You'll be able to take those analytical skills to many different types of research related to physics.

Biochemist & Biophysicist Astronomer
Physiscist Material Scientist
Atmospheric & Space Scientist  

A few other jobs you can do

You're learning fundamental principles of physics, quantitative analysis skills and an understanding of nature that will help you in many different science fields. Take a look at other jobs you can get with a background in physics.

Marine Architect Nuclear Power Reactor Operator
Geoscientist Hydrologist
Geographical Data Technician