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Advising is an important part of the Texas Wesleyan experience. This is a time to get to know your faculty advisor. You'll meet with your adviser at least once a semester to check in on how you're doing and go over what courses you need to take to stay on track.

  1. Schedule an Appointment

    Did you know you already have an advisor? If you're not sure who it is, visit your department office to find out.

    Once you know who your advisor is, try to schedule an appointment during their office hours. if you can't meet during office hours, talk to your advisor about making an appointment for another time.

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  2. Check Your Degree Requirements

    Log in to your Ramlink account and take a look at your degree audit. This helps you decide what classes you need to take. Keep in mind, your degree audit is a guide and not an exact schedule. Plan a tentative schedule based on the course offerings listed in the course catalog.

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  3. Visit your advisor

    Bring your tentative schedule to your appointment. Your advisor can help you figure out if you're on the right track for the next semester. Each visit with your advisor is helping to make sure you graduate on time.

  4. Mark your calendar to register

    Mark your calendar for your registration time and be ready to sign up for the classes you need. Don't be late. A professor doesn't have to let you in their class once it's full.

    It's always good to make sure you don't have any holds on your account before you register for classes. Any unpaid balance or missing forms can keep you from being able to register for classes.

  5. Register for class

    You've done all the leg work, now it's time to sit down and register for classes. You'll sign up for your classes through your Ramlink account.

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    It's a good rule to visit your advisor at least once a semester, but it's even better to visit more regularly. Your advisor will help you stay on track to meet the requirements you need to graduate on time.