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Know you're taking the right classes to meet your requirements. Download a sample degree plan and see what classes you'll take to become a DNP with a Family Nurse Practitioner focus. Work with your advisor to create a plan that's right for you.

DNP-FNP Full-Time Sample Degree Plan (PDF)
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Doctor of Nursing Practice - Family Nurse Practitioner Focus, D.N.P - F.N.P.

Program Requirements

Required Graduate Core Courses

FNP 8324Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice3 Credits
FNP 8325Applied Statistics for Advanced Nursing Practice3 Credits
FNP 8328Research and Evidence-Informed Practice3 Credits
FNP 8331Population Health and Emerging Diseases3 Credits
FNP 8345Health Care Informatics3 Credits
FNP 8348Health Care Policy3 Credits

APRN Core Courses

FNP 8323Advanced Pathophysiology for Advanced Nursing Practice3 Credits
FNP 8426Adv Health Assess & Diagnostic Reasoning4 Credits
FNP 8327Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics3 Credits

Family Nurse Practitioner Role and Population-Focused Courses

FNP 8232Practice Management for the Advanced Practice Nurse2 Credits
FNP 8237Practice Leadership for the Advanced Practice Nurse2 Credits
FNP 8242Evidence-Informed Practice I2 Credits
FNP 8246Evidence-Informed Practice II2 Credits
FNP 8321Family Systems3 Credits
FNP 8322Intro to Nurse Coaching Nursing Coaching3 Credits
FNP 8335Advanced Roles for DNP-FNP3 Credits
FNP 8340Vulnerable Populations3 Credits
FNP 8341DNP Transition3 Credits
FNP 8360DNP Project3 Credits
FNP 8443Primary Care for the Chronically Ill 14 Credits
FNP 8447Primary Care for the Chronically Ill 24 Credits
FNP 8530Family Nurse Practice I5 Credits
FNP 8634Family Nurse Practitioner II6 Credits
FNP 8638Family Nurse Practitioner III6 Credits
FNP 8749Family Nurse Practitioner Residency7 Credits

Total credit hours for degree (86 hours)

Total clinical practicum hours for degree (1,035 hours)