Professional Counseling

Professional Counseling Graduate Program


The mission of the Texas Wesleyan University Professional Graduate Program is to provide educational outcomes congruent with those of Texas Wesleyan University. Graduates will meet clear standards of achievement that are demonstrated through explicit assessment of performance. Expected student learning outcomes are congruent with the mission, philosophy, goals and objectives of the Professional Graduate Program and Texas Wesleyan University. 

The University endeavors to create a learning environment where each student is provided an opportunity to pursue individual excellence, to think clearly and creatively, and to communicate effectively. The university also strives to develop a sense of civic responsibility and spiritual sensitivity, with a commitment to moral discrimination and action. Texas Wesleyan University strives to develop informed, responsible and articulate citizens.

Program Length / Structure

The program consists of 51 credit hours of core courses and 9 credit hours of practicum. The program is designed for candidates to successfully complete the 60 credit hour program on a self-directed part-time basis, with a time limit of seven years.

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