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Minor in Coaching

Students who complete a minor in coaching will graduate with a background in all requirements set forth by the UIL and with a certification in coaching principles from Human Kinetics Coach Edcucation. Students will gain knowledge in first aid and safety techniques, concussion training and will be Red Cross certified in both CPR and AED. 

Students will also be given an opportunity to establish a strong foundation in understanding the human body with emphasis on the relationship of skeletal, muscular and neurological anatomy and function as it relates to sport performance.

Having established a strong understanding of the human body students will participate in hands-on learning on how external forces impact human movement and the significance of these internal and external forces on sport performance.

Last, students will be able to establish a strong foundation on best practices of coaching methods and how successful coaches understand the unique needs of their athletes and learn various strategies for delivering critical information to maintain the safety of athletes while challenging them to develop to their fullest potential in a safe environment. During this time students will be required to participate in a coaching field experience.

Exercise Science 18 Credit Hours

  • EXS 2203 First Aid
  • EXS 2301 Anatomical Basis for Physical Activity: Prerequisite
  • EXS 3100 Biomechanics Laboratory: Prerequisite
  • EXS 3300 Biomechanics: Prerequisite
  • EXS 3314 Coaching Methods*
  • EXS 3320 Pedagogy
  • 3 hours advanced Exercise Science (EXS)

Additional related requirements (Will satisfy GEC science requirement)

  • BIO 2301. Human Anatomy and Physiology I (1440)
  • BIO 2101. Human anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory
  • BIO 2302. Human anatomy and Physiology II (1440): Prerequisite 
  • BIO 2102. Human anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory: Prerequisite
  • PHY 1410. Fundamentals of Physics

Students are highly encouraged to complete EXS 4330 internship of their choice or under the direction of program manager. Students will need to complete the Internship Packet agreement and must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be of senior standing.(92 earned credits)
  2. Must be within 9 hours of completing all KIN requirements of the Exercise Science Degree (or have special background experience)
  3. Have a 3.0 GPA in ALL KIN required courses for the fulfillment of the B.S. in Kinesiology undergraduate degree (listed in course catalog)
  4. Must have successfully completed and pass EXS 3314 and certification exam

Applicant must start the pre-internship application process and have an established internship site one semester before anticipated start of internship.

Course Description for Minor Related Courses

*EXS 3314 Coaching Methods

This course is offered in conjunction with a Human Kinetics Coach Education (formerly American Sport Education Program [ASEP]).

Human Kinetics Coach Education Logo‌Human Kinetics Coach Education has been training interscholastic coaches since 1981. Its coaching courses and resources are taught in numerous colleges and universities across the country, and accepted as meeting coaching education requirements by:

  • State high school and athletic directors’ associations
  • State departments of education
  • Individual school districts
  • Coaches associations
  • National governing bodies of Olympic sports

Based in Champaign, Illinois, Human Kinetics, Inc. is a worldwide leader in providing quality informational and educational products in physical activity, health, sport and sport science.

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