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Infectious Disease Policy

Texas Wesleyan Athletic Training Program Infectious Illness Policy

  1. Athletic training faculty/staff and students who are unable to perform effective hand washing or who, because of injury, illness or surgery of a hand, are required to wear a dressing or a therapeutic device on the hand while working, will be restricted from patient contact or contact with the patient’s environment. When possible, alternative work or clinical experience duties may be arranged or coordinated. Athletic Training faculty/staff work restrictions will be determined by the Head Athletic Trainer. When this involves an athletic training student, the student’s Preceptor shall consult with the Program Director or Clinical Coordinator before assigning an alternate clinical experience.

  2. Students who are ill and are running a fever may not participate in clinical experiences until 24 hours after the fever is resolved (without fever-reducing medications). Individuals with flu-like symptoms are excluded from working in the healthcare setting for seven days from the onset of symptoms or until the resolution of symptoms, whichever is longer.

  3. Any student who has signs of communicable disease that may place others at risk must notify his/her preceptor and seek appropriate medical attention.

  4. Students diagnosed with a communicable disease and shall not return to clinical participation until allowed by the attending physician.

  5. Any student who misses more than one day of class or clinical rotation due to an illness the student must see a physician for evaluation.

  6. Any student who will miss class and clinical rotation for an extended period (over two days) must contact the clinical education coordinator.

  7. Athletic Training Students who are or become pregnant will be required to gain the permission of their healthcare provider to participate in athletic training clinical experiences. All infectiousness illness policies for students in pregnancy will be in accordance with the guidelines set by their healthcare provider. Female students of childbearing age are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated for preventable diseases before pregnancy.

Texas Welseyan's student clinical and field experience restrictions for infectious illness or conditions are determined according to the restrictions published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Personal Health Guidelines.