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2016 Educator's Exam Extravaganza

08.09.2016 | By:

Join the School of Education for the Educators Exam Extravaganza. The review sessions for all components of the Core Subjects EC-6 and for the PPR, ESL, Bilingual and BTLPT tests will be offered during the week of Sept. 12-15. Review sessions will take the place of regularly scheduled classes. All sessions are at Lou’s Place on Wesleyan Street. Please review the following guidelines:

How many sessions are required?

All students are required to attend the Welcome and Overview session. Pizza and water will be provided.

You must attend the same number of review hours as the number of your enrolled semester hours. For example, if you're enrolled in 12 credit hours this semester, you must attend a minimum of 12 review hours. Each review session is 3 hours long.

If you are a student who is planning to student teach during the spring 2017 semester, you must attend the student teaching session.

How do you sign up?

RSVP to Julia Tidwell at no later than the day before the review. In order to receive credit and be excused from your classes, you must RSVP and sign in for each session you attend. You have to attend the full session in order to receive credit.

Educators Exam Extravaganza Schedule

Please review the schedule and begin planning your week. Contact your education faculty advisor with any questions you may have about the Educators’ Exam Extravaganza. Remember, all sessions are in Lou’s Place.


Sept. 12

Sept. 13

Sept. 14

Sept. 15

9 a.m.–12 p.m.

EDU 2100
Students Education Orientation

Dr. Ward

Social Studies

Dr. Tyler


Dr. Anderson



Dr. Anderson

12–1 p.m.

Welcome and Overview of week

Dr. Vowell


Spring 2017 Student Teacher meeting

Dr. Ward



1–4 p.m.


Dr. Carano


Dr. Ward


Dr. Robles-Goodwin

BTLPT  (Spanish)

Dr. Robles-Goodwin 

4:30–7:30 p.m.

Fine Arts

Mr. Cross



Dr. Lisa Dryden


Dr. RJ Wilson



Dr. Robles-Goodwin