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Undergraduate Education

As an education major, you'll learn more than teaching techniques and how to plan lessons. You'll learn how to impact the next generation of students in Texas and across the nation.

In your classes, you'll develop effective communication with students, valuable critical thinking skills and much more. You'll get hands-on clinical teaching experience and graduate ready to take the teaching certification exam. Are you ready to be a leader in education?

Keep in mind that all alternative certification programs are for Texas Wesleyan students only.

In the School of Education and the EC-6 Bilingual Program, you'll get the hands-on experience and support you need to be a certified dual language teacher.

EC-6 Bilingual Teacher Grant

Students in the EC-6 Bilingual program may qualify for grants to complete their Texas Wesleyan courses.

Applications for Spring 2020 are due by Friday, Oct. 11, 2019 at 5 p.m. Click here for more information.


Additional Admission Requirements

In the School of Education, we have secondary admission requirements for all students who want to be part of the Teacher Education Program. There are also requirements for bilingual education students. Check your requirements and apply today.

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