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Careers in Education

As an education major, you'll learn best practices for teaching and know how to create an environment in the classroom where students can thrive. After graduation, you can go on to use your degree in many different areas and levels. Take a look at some your options after graduation.

Work in early childhood or elementary education

The curriculum at this level is fun and exciting. You'll use different teaching techniques to reach the different learning styles of your students. You'll focus on subjects such as art, language arts, math, music, physical education, reading, science and social studies.

Elementary School Teacher Special Education Teacher

Work in middle school or high school

As a secondary teacher, you'll work with older students in a specific area of study. You'll use the knowledge you learn in both your content classes and teaching courses to create a classroom where students will thrive.

Middle School Teacher Special Education
High School Teacher  

Work in an education-related field

Take a look at a few other jobs where you can use your degree in education. Keep in mind, you may need additional certifications or training for these jobs.

Administrator Counselor
School Psychologist School Social Worker
Physical Therapist Speech Pathologist
Librarian Curriculum Supervisor
Training & Development Sales
Customer Service Publishing & Technical Writing
Human Resources