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Photo & Video Project Policy

The Office of Marketing & Communications is all about showcasing our Smaller. Smarter. campus with stunning photos and videos — and we’re here to support your event and project needs. Please check out our policies below before submitting your project. 


Want professional pics or videos of your event? Make sure to plan early so we can make it happen. 

Photographer/Videographer Scheduling

  • 1 week notice - weekday event
  • 2 weeks notice - weeknight event
  • 4 weeks notice - weekend event

Submit your request through ProWorkflow or contact the creative services manager with event details.

Event Details

  • Event date
  • Would you like photos or video? 

  • What will you use the photos/video for?
    • Depending on the purpose, a release form may be needed.
  • When do you need the edited photos/video by? 

If our photographer/videographer can't make your event, then we can help you make a plan for getting photos/videos yourself. Smart phones take some great, high-quality photos and videos perfect for social media. 

Photography Projects


Need an awesome, eye-catching photo that makes someone stop and look at your website, print piece, etc.? We got you. If we don’t already have something in our photo archive, we’d be happy to schedule a photoshoot. Please submit a project through ProWorkflow and let us know what you need the photos for and when you need them by. Keep in mind that it takes 2 business days to receive the photos after a shoot.   


The university videographer/photographer can get you up to 20-30 select edited images from your event or photoshoot within 2 business days. Additional edited images will take 3-5 business days, dependent on other projects.  


Need a university headshot? If you’re a member of the faculty or staff, we can help with that. Head over to our Headshot Policy for more info. 

Video Projects

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a million. Fortunately, the award-winning marketing and communications team is here to help make your video visions come to life.  

Keep in mind that creating a great video takes time. Check out how much time you can expect your video project to take below.  

Level I Projects 

10-15 business days, dependent on the university videographer/photographer’s workload 

These are simple video editing projects where most assets are provided by the department (photos, script, screen recordings, stock footage, etc.). Depending on workload, the university videographer/photographer can record voice over or video in the studio, if needed, for this type of project. 

Projects include:

  • Photo slideshows with voiceover and/or set to music 
  • Short instructional videos 

Level II Projects

15-20 business days after footage is taken, dependent on the university videographer/photographer's workload

These types of projects typically involve multiple shots that need to be edited together to create one highlight video. These projects also include simple video editing projects for which the marketing and communications team needs to curate the assets.

Example projects include:

Level III Projects

2-3 months, with 20 dedicated hours from the marketing and communications team per month. We can only work on two Level III projects at a time.

Have ideas for a video floating around but need help making them a reality? The creative minds behind the Office of Marketing & Communications are here to help! These types of projects require full-scale use of the marketing team, including but not limited to concept brainstorming, storyboard creation, scriptwriting, finding talent, filming and editing.

Projects include:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Virtual tours
  • Student testimonials

Example projects include:


We allow two rounds of revisions. If you need to request a revision to your video, please provide the timestamp on the video with a description of what needs to be done. Expect each round of revisions to take 3-5 business days. 

Project Capacity

We get a lot of project requests, so keep in mind that the university videographer/photographer can only work on a maximum of two Level III projects and three total Level I and II projects at a time. Projects will be prioritized by how they relate to the University’s strategic plan and in the order they are submitted — so request your projects early! All project requests should be submitted through ProWorkflow and include a due date.  

Questions? Email us at