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Print Project Policy

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Though our workload constantly changes, we have typical turnaround times listed below. This is the amount of time it will typically take us to take your finalized content and create a proof for you. During peak workload times, it's best to add an additional two weeks to ensure your project is finalized on time. If your timeline doesn't allow for these turnaround times, your project can be given to one of our freelance designers at a cost of $40/hour. This cost being paid for by your department.

Basic Promotional Products

  • Flyers, kiosk posters, Rambler ad, invitations/envelopes
  • 10 business days for proof, dependent on workload

Advanced Print Products

  • Brochures, programs, direct mail
  • 15 business days for a proof, dependent on workload

Magazine & Books

  • Magazines, books
  • Require a minimum of two months
  • Due to the time needed to complete these, they will be given to one of our freelance designers with their cost paid by your department

Unless you plan to use the on-campus copy center or the maker's lab, or printing/producing the item yourself, allow:

  • Printing: 14 business days for printing and delivery*. 
  • Promotional products (ex. apparel, flag, lanyards): 14-28 business days for production and delivery*.

*Items cannot be ordered until a PO has been issued. See "Quotes & Purchasing" for more information.


Once a design has been created, you will be asked to proof it.

  • If the design is approved as is, we will proceed to submit the files to the vendor after you have provided us with a PO number (if necessary). 
  • If minor changes are needed, we allow two (2) rounds of minor changes that will be made in a timely manner. If after two rounds changes are still needed, a meeting will need to be scheduled with the creative services manager.

Once the changes have been discussed, you will 

  • Receive a new draft within ten (10) business days, and
  • Will be charged an hourly rate of $30 per hour with a one (1) hour minimum.

Minor changes consist of text changes and small adjustments to element positioning, etc. Note that text changes must be given electronically and in a manner that allows us to copy and paste the new text. Major changes consist of more significant modifications to the design. Major changes must be reprioritized in the job workflow and are assigned a new due date. This includes adding photo(s) or changing sections of text, resizing design, etc.

Quotes & Purchasing

University policy is that all orders must be accompanied with a PO number at the time of the order. You must provide the PO number via ProWorkflow (PWF) before the order can be made.