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Print & Promotional Products

It's all about getting the word out. Use print products such as postcards and flyers to tell people about an event or project or use promotional items to raise brand awareness for your department. Either way, we're here to help. Check out what print and promotional items we offer and start your project today.

Logo Design

Does your department or office have their own logo? If not, this is your first step to creating any print or promotional item. We'll create a specific logo for you that only you can use. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll do our best to design something that's within our University brand standards.

Typically, logo design only takes about 3-5 business days to complete, depending on workload.

Promotional Products

Are you looking to step up your game up with some department swag? We've got you covered. We can create t-shirts, pens, drinkware and more. Ask us about the different promotional items we can help you get your hands on today.

This type of project usually takes about 3-5 business days to design depending on workload.

Basic Print Projects

Basic print projects include flyers, kiosk posters, advertisements, event invitations and envelopes. Submit your project armed with your complete content and information, and we'll make it happen.

Keep in mind, it typically it takes about 10 business days for us to get you the first proof depending on workload.

Advanced Print Products

Our advanced print products include brochures, event programs and direct mail pieces such as postcards. Bring us your complete and proofed content and we'll be happy to help you out.

The more advanced print projects take longer to complete. Give us at least 15 business days to get back to you with the first proof depending on workload.

Magazines & Books

Are you interested in having your own publication like a magazine or book? We can help you make it happen.

These types of projects take a minimum of two months to complete depending on workload. Due to the amount of time needed, we give these projects to one of our trusted freelance designers to work on at a cost of $40 per hour. Keep in mind, your department is responsible for the cost of the finished product and the hourly design fee.

Unless you're planning to use the on-campus copy center, or print your project yourself, please allow an additional two weeks for printing and delivery. Due to the size of the University, we have to use print vendors and, unfortunately, can't control their print schedule. Please, also note, the production time for promotional products ranges from 2-4 weeks, depending on the product."

Review the P.O. & Budget Policy

Before you kick start your project to create a print or promotional item, make sure you've read our P.O and Budget Policy carefully. We want to use your time and money efficiently.


Ready to submit your project?

Do you have all of your project details and information ready? Submit your project through ProWorkflow (PWF) and our creative services manager will be in touch with you soon. Don't have a login for PWF? Request a training today to start your project.

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