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Weather Emergencies

What to Do

For severe weather, such as violent storms, high winds or tornadoes:

  1. If necessary, notify campus security at ext. 4911.
  2. Take shelter in lowest interior space of the closest building.
  3. Take cover under desks or tables away from windows and exterior doors and walls.

Types of Weather Alerts


Warnings are issued when a weather event that threatens life or property is occurring or about to occur. People in the storm's path need to find shelter.

  • Severe thunderstorm warning: A particular thunderstorm could produce large hail and damaging wind gusts of more than 58 mph.
  • Tornado warning: A tornado or funnel cloud has been spotted. Seek shelter immediately.


Watches means that hazardous weather is possible — be prepared to act and listen for possible warnings.

  • Severe thunderstorm watch: Threats of thunderstorms containing penny-size hail or larger and/or damaging winds are expected during a three- to six-hour period.
  • Tornado watch: Large hail and damaging wind threats, as well as the possibility of multiple tornadoes.


Advisories are for less serious conditions. They are issued when hazardous weather is occurring, imminent or likely.