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Utilities Outages


In the event of an electrical, water or gas emergency, call Facilities at ext. 4451 or, after hours, call Security at ext. 4911.

If You Smell Gas

Call Facilities immediately at ext. 4454 or Security after hours at ext. 4911.

  • Do not turn on/off any electrical appliances.
  • If evacuation is necessary, proceed with your specific evacuation protocol.


In the event of a computer or phone outage not related to a power loss, contact the IT Service Desk at 817-531-4428 or


In the event an elevator stops while you are using it, push the button on the telephone in the elevator and it will automatically dial for help. If you are notified an elevator has stopped with someone inside:

  • Ensure Facilities or Security has been notified
  • Confirm if anyone is injured or in need of medical assistance. If required, follow medical emergency protocol
  • Do not hang up the phone until the proper authorities arrive
  • Continue speaking with the individual(s), keeping them calm and reassuring them help is on the way