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Careers with an MBA

With your MBA, you'll take your career to the next level. Be ready to manage a team of employees, make important business-minded decisions and much more. Finishing your MBA is only the beginning. See how flexible your degree is and what top-notch jobs you're qualified for once you finish your degree.

Business Administration Concentration

With an MBA, you're ready to step into a leadership position in your office or department. In your classes, you're learning how to effectively communicate, apply decision-making strategies and much more. After graduation, you're ready to take on any of the jobs below.

Marketing Manager Human Resources Manager
Financial Advisor Sales Manager
Information Systems Manager  

Supply Chain Management Concentration

Your MBA with a supply chain management concentration teaches you how to coordinate materials and understand the flow of information. The real-life experience you get through case studies and action-learning simulations qualifies you for all of the following jobs.

Supply Chain Manager Logistician Manager
Purchasing Manager  

Healthcare Administration Concentration

A concentration in Healthcare Administration gives you the experience you need to negotiate conflict, manage projects in your organization, perform fundamental accounting and manage the personnel in your organization. After graduation, you're prepared to take on a number of roles including the following:

Medical & Health Services Manager Hospital Administrator
Medical Facility CFO  Medical Facility Human Resources Manager 

Accounting Concentration - Hybrid

Your MBA with an accounting concentration will take your skills to the next level. Learn how to set a company on the right financial path as an auditor, or help crack potential cases of fraud.

Accountant  Auditor
Fraud Examiners, Investigators & Analysts