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Advising is an important part of the Texas Wesleyan experience. Talking to your advisor about the classes you're taking helps you stay on track to graduate as soon as you want. Your advisor is here to help you thrive at Texas Wesleyan. Don't wait, schedule your appointment today.

  1. Track Your Progress

    You have full access to grades, your overall GPA, your degree audit and more through your Ramlink account. See how you're doing throughout the semester and make sure you're staying on track to graduate when you want.

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  2. Get Your Questions Answered

    Do you have a question about what classes to take next? Contact your advisor and set up a time to talk about how you're doing in the program, your classes and how to fast track your online MBA.

    Your advisor is here to answer any questions about academic requirements, what you need to do to graduate and other support services at Texas Wesleyan.

    Title Advisor
    MBA Program Director  Shana Hellinger
  3. Register For Class

    After you get all your questions answered, you need to register for classes. You can sign up for courses as late as 2 days after a session starts. You'll register for the session through your Ramlink account.

  4. If You Take Time Off, Reapply

    If you haven't been enrolled for 2 or more consecutive semesters, you'll have to reapply for the online MBA program. If you're readmitted to the program, you'll follow the same advising process as all other new students. Your advisor will take into account the courses you've already taken and adjust your degree plan as needed.

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  5. Are You Ready To Graduate?

    The School of Business Administration will keep an eye on your degree plan. Once you're two sessions away from fulfilling your requirements, we'll print out your degree plan and verify your credits.

    If you meet the graduation requirements, you'll fill out the application for graduation. This notifies the Registrar's Office that you're ready to graduate. Ask your advisor when you need to apply for graduation.

Get Involved

Joining a student organization or professional association is a great way to improve your resume, expand your knowledge of an industry, and begin networking. Check out how to get involved and talk to your advisor about any questions you may have.

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