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Jon Crook

Associate Professor of Graduate Counseling
Dan Waggoner Annex 107


  • Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University; Cleveland, Ohio
  • M.A., Miami University; Oxford, Ohio
  • B.A., St. John’s University; Collegeville, Minnesota

Dr. Crook started using systemic therapy in 1978 when no MFT license existed in Texas. He notes, “I grew up with the profession.” He possesses a solid liberal arts background holding a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in English with specializations in American Literature.  He then switched to educational psychology for his Ph.D.

His resume includes experience as a high school teacher; a high school assistant principal and principal; private practice as an MFT with a special focus on families struggling with chemically dependent family members; and finally, Clinical Director of the Cook Children’s Healthcare Network, Miller Brewery, and BNSF Employee Assistance Programs.

He enjoys reading, model building, and aquariums—he has three.  He and his wife, Mary, survived the adolescence of two children—Andrew and Carolyn, and they are actively spoiling two grandchildren—Cutler and Sutton

Courses Taught

  • Courses taught  6302 Life Span /Human Grwth & Dev
  • Techs of Appraisal & Assmt
  •  Multicultural / Cross Cultural Cou
  • Rsch Methods & Prog Eval
  • Career Dev & Assmt
  • Ethics
  • Grp Cou
  • Crisis Intervention Cou  
  • Strats for Intervention in Fam Ther
  • Amer Fam Crises
  • Principles of Educ Rsch
  • Qualitative Dsgn & Anal
  • Stat Methods of Inq
  • Dealing with Stress in the Workplace during a Recession. Training Program for Cook Children’s Hospital; FT Worth, TX:  Apr, 2009.
  • Dealing with Practical and Personal Change among Colleagues.  Training Program for Cook Children’s Hospital;
  • FT Worth, TX:  Apr, 2009
  • PTSD’s Effects on the Survivor when the Victim Commits Suicide.  National Railroad Conference; Knoxville, TN; May, 2009.
  • Encouraging Client Change:  Integrating Solution Focused Therapy with Motivational Interviewing.  SW Regional Conference, Employee Assistance Professionals Association:  Dec, 2009.
  • The Family after the War:  Returning Home to Children and Work.  National Railroad Conference; Knoxville, TN;
  • May, 2009.
  • Post Combat Return to Work:  Evaluating Cognitive Decline from Closed Head Injury and PTSD.  National Railroad Conference; Knoxville, TN;  May, 2010
  • An Evaluation of Counselor Education Program Learning Objectives.  Joint Presentation with Dr. Trigg Even.    National Assessment Research Conference, Association for Assessment and Counseling and Education; Orlando, FL:  2010.
  • Can You Be an Ethical Therapist and Cheat on Your Income Taxes.  State Conference, Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapy:  Austin, TX:  2017
  • Financial Stress in Family Life:  Practical Tips on Surviving the Stress of a Recession. Humana Wellness Newsletter and Humana Wellness Blog:  Dec, 2009