The purpose of the Office of Student Records and Registration is to provide secure, efficient storage of permanent student records and to maintain the integrity of the University Catalog. Students rely on the office for a variety of services including registration, schedule changes and verification of enrollment.

Student Resources

Student Responsiblity Standards

Advisers will make every attempt to give effective guidance to students in academic matters and to refer students to those qualified to help them in other matters, but the final responsibility for meeting all academic requirements for a selected program rests with the student.

Students are expected to familiarize themselves with the academic policies contained in the catalog. Failure to do so does not excuse students from the requirements and regulations described herein.

Major Planning Guides

Major Planning Guides for each school are now online. This includes Arts and Letters, Natural and Social Sciences, Business and Education. If you are unable to locate a guide for your specific major, please contact your adviser or the Office of Student Records.

Transfer Students

The complete 2013-2014 Transfer Equivalency Guides and the General Education Curriculum (GEC) Equivalency Guides are listed by institution in the Transfer Equivalency Guides section.

Student Check Sheets

Student Check Sheets have been created to help guide you each semester in meeting your goals. Please use these throughout your Wesleyan student career.

Independent Study

Independent Study course covers subject matter that is not currently offered in the University Catalog but is of special interest to the student. A syllabus must be acknowledged by both instructor and student. A maximum of 9 hours of directed study and supervised research will be accepted for the graduation requirement. Click here for the Independent Study form.


Internships are graded academic experiences in a chosen career field and are coordinated through academic departments. Career Services provides assistance by helping students network with employers for internship opportunities. Click here for the Internship Packet.

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Faculty Resources

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Did you know?

In 2009, growth in the School of Arts & Sciences resulted in the formation of two separate schools: The School of Arts & Letters and The School of Natural & Social Sciences.
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