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Graduate Studies Faculty

Dr. Lisa Dryden

Dr. Dryden received her Ph.D. from Florida State University. Dr. Dryden serves as director of the Master’s of Education program at Texas Wesleyan University.

She teaches undergraduate and Master’s education courses. Her research interests include teacher efficacy, writing instruction, literature usage in elementary and high school curriculums and best practices for literacy development in young children.

Kim Tyler

Dr. Kim Tyler

Dr. Tyler has been with Texas Wesleyan University for eight years. She divides her time between the main Texas Wesleyan campus in Fort Worth, and the Texas Wesleyan University Burleson site. Her area of practice is in Gifted and Talented instruction.

Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Twyla Miranda

Dr. Miranda serves as director of the Ed.D. program at Texas Wesleyan University. She also teaches in the M.Ed. program. Her research interests are teacher formation, literacy and language development, and cultural and philosophical inquiry. For more information, please see her website at www.twylatmiranda.com.

Dr. Elsa Anderson

Dr. Elsa Anderson

Dr. Elsa Anderson earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Administration from the University of North Texas. She teaches courses in the undergraduate and graduate programs. Dr. Anderson has led the study-abroad summer travel for undergraduate and M.Ed. students for several years.

Her research interests include writing instruction, the impact of beliefs and attitudes on teaching and learning, instruction for English language learners and professional development.

RJ Wilson, Texas Wesleyan School of Education

Dr. RJ Wilson

Dr. Wilson has been at Texas Wesleyan University for 26 years. While at Wesleyan Dr. Wilson became very active in the redevelopment project for the East Side of Fort Worth. In the past two years he has managed to get East Lancaster repainted, new sidewalks added to streets, as well as the removal of some dilapidated housing.

Dr. Joe Dryden

Dr. Joe Dryden

Dr. Joe Dryden teaches administration courses in the Master’s program. He also teaches undergraduate and Ed.D. courses.

Dr. Bill Newton

Dr. Bill Newton

Dr. Newton received an Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of North Texas in 2001. Dr. Newton's research interests are in the areas of Identification and Implementation of change, and school leadership.

Dr. Newton married his high school sweetheart, Peggy, and they have been married for 41 years. They have three grown children, Amy, Julie and Spencer and 5 grandchildren. Dr. Newton's most active hobby is restoring antique farm tractors. 

Dr. Annette Torres Elías

Dr. Torres Elías

Dr. Torres Elías received a Ph.D. in Reading from Texas Woman’s University. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of reading, bilingual/ESL education, multicultural education, educational theory and research.

Her research interests focus on the education of linguistically and culturally diverse students. Her experience as an educator includes teaching elementary school and administrating bilingual/ESL education programs.


Dr. Julie Vowell

Dr. Vowell has been an assistant professor in the School of Education at Texas Wesleyan University since August 2011. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. Dr. Vowell's research interests are in science education curriculum and technology.

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