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Get your online MBA

Fifth-Year Option Program

  • ‌Bachelor of Arts/ Master of Education (B.A./M.Ed.)
  • Bachelor of Science/ Master of Education (B.S./M.Ed.)

‌The Fifth Year Option B.A. or B.S./M.Ed. program provides students with an EC-6 Bilingual or EC-6 Generalist with ESL Certification undergraduate degree in education and a Master of Education degree with a concentration in one of the following fields of study:

  • Reading
  • Second language education and culture

By meeting requirements for the two degrees within five years, students can earn both degrees in a length of time shorter than if each were pursued separately.

Completing the M.Ed. in one year assumes that the student follows the prescribed degree plan. Any deviation from the degree plan may prolong the completion of the degree.

The combined B.A. or B.S./M.Ed. degree program enables students who plan to become Texas certified teachers the capability to complete all certification requirements. The two degrees may be completed in approximately five years.

Applicants are initially admitted into the Teacher Education program and must follow the degree requirements for the EC-6 Bilingual or EC-6 Generalist with ESL Certification programs. Applicants to the Fifth Year Option degree program must meet the admission requirements of both the undergraduate and the graduate programs (where applicable) and follow the application procedure for the respective programs.

Enrollment in the Fifth Year Option must be continual and in consecutive semesters. If a Fifth Year Option student does not enroll continuously or consecutively, her/his degree plan will default to the standard 36-hour M.Ed. program.

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