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Understanding my Award

Understanding your financial aid award

Financial aid comes in many forms, but they all do the same thing – help you pay for college. Your personal financial aid package makes it easy to see how affordable Texas Wesleyan can be.

To see your award package just go to your Ramlink account and look under the "Financial Aid" section. You can choose financial aid status by term and review your awards. You can accept or reject all of them at once or you can make a selection of individual awards.  


Federal Aid


Federal Loans if accepted must be paid back after college. You can begin paying on your loans prior to graduating. To receive your Federal Student loans, you will need to complete two things:

  • Sign a Master Promissory Note (Promise to repay the loan)
  • Complete Loan Entrance Counseling (informational about loans and your responsibility)


Grant funding does not need to be paid back. However, some grants may have requirements like maintaining a specific GPA or a full-time class load.

Work Study

Work Study is a Federal award that allows eligible students to work on campus. You must be awarded work study, complete all required documents, and complete the interview/hiring process before you can begin working. You will have a specific time frame to find a job and complete everything. If you do not complete all the requirements your work study award will be removed for the academic year.


Institutional Aid                                                                    

Academic Scholarship

Academic Scholarships are based on your incoming GPA. In order to receive this academic scholarship, you will need to maintain a certain institutional GPA.

Department Scholarship

Texas Wesleyan offers scholarships based on what you want to study. Notice every department does not have a scholarship.


Outside Funding

Outside Scholarships/Grants

Any funding you receive outside of Texas Wesleyan is considered an Outside Award. If you win/receive an award ensure you follow the directions carefully. Some may ask for a Verification of enrollment, class schedule, GPA, classification and even a personal letter

Veteran Benefits

Yellow Ribbon

The U.S. Department Affairs offers education benefits to help you pursue your education. To see if you are eligible, visit