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Forms and Policies


Budget, Revenue or Expense Transfer Request Form

Utilize this form to transfer budget amounts between accounts or departments, to pay another department for goods, services a donation or transfer an actual expense if an expense has already posted and needs to be charged to another account.

Requisition Initiation & Approvals: Budget Review

Utilize this form to set up access to view budget and actual expenses in RamLink, to become a PO Initiator and/or to become a PO Approver. This form is signed by your supervisor and submitted to the Controller (CF Module Custodian).

Local Mileage and Expense Reimbursement

This form is utilized for local mileage reimbursement and general expense reimbursements. (See Employee Travel and Expense Reimbursement for to submit overnight travel) 

Petty Cash Form

This form is utilized by employees and student workers to be reimbursed for expenses $100 or less (in cash at the Cashier's Office.) This form may not be utilized for third-party vendors

Travel Cash Advance Form

Cash advances for travel are available on an exception basis. Cash Advances are allowed for Study Abroad Travel; for faculty or staff who are traveling with students; or faculty or staff who do not hold University P-Cards and for whom regular reimbursement would be an undue hardship.

Payment Voucher

All disbursements should follow the Requisition - PO - Order - Invoice cycle. For those few payments for which an invoice will not be received, a Payment Voucher may be used. 

Wire Request

Wires are typically limited to Study Abroad (i.e. international payments). 

Request for Payment of Honorarium

Use this form to request an Honorarium to a person or organization or a donation to a charitable organization. 

Request for Payment of Faculty/Staff Award

Any payment to faculty or staff is considered compensation and must be included in payroll. This form should be submitted to the Payroll department. 

Request of Payment of Student Award

Any student award (including those to student workers) is considered Financial Aid. Please contact the Financial Aid department with these requests. 

State of Texas Hotel Exemption

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we are exempt from certain hotel taxes. 

State of Texas Sales Tax Exemption

As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we are exempt from paying sales tax.

GL Account Request  Employee Travel & Expense Reimbursement