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Your project is important to us, and we want to make sure it's completed on time and meets your expectations. Reviewing our policies and procedures will help you plan your project timeline based on your requirements.

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Digital Marketing

Website Updating Policy

Faculty and staff maintain all University websites, including department news and events. In order to be approved to create and edit content, you must complete the content management training series offered by the Office of Digital Marketing & Strategy.

If you have not been able to complete training but need to make changes to your department's site, we will offer a one-time update, provided you register for training at the time of the request.

Digital Project Requests Policy

The Office of Digital Marketing & Strategy cannot accept or prioritize any projects that do not originate in the proper Marketing and Communications channels. If you have a request that requires development beyond what was covered in the website training, please contact our creative services manager and initiate a project through ProWorkflow to initiate the project request process.

Though workload consistently changes, we have typical turnaround times listed below.

Level I Projects

5-10 business days, dependent on workload

Projects include:

  • Redirects and output URIs with advanced tracking
  • Email template branding
  • Website analytics and/or UX research, small in scope
  • Banner and button design
  • Update to an existing website form 
  • Infographic design
  • Admissions Counselor page updates

Level II Projects

10-15 business days, dependent on workload

Projects include:

  • Display advertisement design, with copy provided by client
  • Email campaign, with copy and design provided by Digital Marketing & Strategy
  • Facebook advertising campaign strategy and execution
  • Website analytics and/or UX research, large in scope
  • Landing page date updates

Level III Projects

Large scope projects are addressed in a project queue based on 20 open hours of design and development work per month. Projects will initiate one at a time.

Projects include:

  • Display advertisement design, copy provided by Digital Marketing & Strategy
  • Landing page creation and updates
  • Website redesign strategy
  • Advanced content type design and development
  • New form request
  • External vendor/systems branding

Information Management and Database Policy

Digital Marketing does not create or maintain any university databases or personally identifiable information (PII). All requests for databases must be handled by the Information Technology Department and must comply with the university privacy policy. 

Print Projects


Though our workload constantly changes, we have typical turnaround times listed below. This is the amount of time it will typically take us to take your finalized content and create a proof for you. During peak workload times, it's best to add an additional two weeks to ensure your project is finalized in time. If your timeline doesn't allow for these turnaround times, work will be given to one of our freelance designers with their cost ($40/hour) being paid for by your department.

Level I Projects
  • Logos, promotional products
  • Usually within 3 business days
Level II Projects
  • Flyers, kiosk posters, Rambler ad, invitations/envelopes
  • Usually at least 10 business days for a proof
Level III Projects
  • Brochures, programs, direct mail
  • Minimum of 15 business days for a proof
Level IV Projects
  • Magazines, books
  • Require a minimum of two months
  • Due to the time needed to complete these, they will be given to one of our freelance designers with their cost paid by your department

Unless you plan to use the on-campus copy center, or print the item yourself, allow two (2) weeks for printing and delivery. Due to the size of the University, we have to use print vendors and we cannot control their print schedule.

Proofing Policy

Once a design has been created, you will be asked to proof it. If the design is approved as is, we will proceed to submit the files to the vendor (if necessary). If minor changes are needed, we allow two (2) rounds of minor changes that will be made in a timely manner. If after two rounds, changes are still needed, a meeting will need to be scheduled with the creative services manager.

Once the changes have been discussed, you will 

  • Receive a new draft within ten (10) business days and
  • Will be charged an hourly rate of $30 per hour with a one (1) hour minimum.

Minor changes consist of text changes and small adjustments to element positioning, etc. Note that text changes must be given electronically and in a manner that allows us to copy and paste the new text. Major changes consist of more significant modifications to the design. Major changes must be reprioritized in the job workflow and are assigned a new due date. This includes adding a photo(s) or changing sections of text, resizing design, etc.

Quotes and Purchasing

University policy is that all orders must be accompanied with a PO number at the time of the order. You must provide the PO number, via PWF, before the order can be made.

Email Communication

The Office of Marketing and Communications does not send "email blasts" to announce news and events for individual departments and campus organizations.

If you have an event you would like to announce to campus, please use the news, events and campus buzz channels available through the university website. In order to use these channels, you will need to complete the Content Management System (CMS) Training offered by Digital Marketing & Strategy. 

When you complete this training and submit your message through the CMS, we will be able to help you promote your item by including it in the Wesleyan Flame, which we distribute to campus on Mondays and Thursdays during the school year and Tuesdays in the summer. This is a fantastic way for us to help you reach your audience.

By following the correct procedure, you have the potential to reach campus in three ways:

  • The university website
  • The Wesleyan Flame
  • University social media (if relevant to our brand message pillars)

Please see Digital Marketing & Stategy's "website updating policy" for more details about how to get an event or announcement posted if you have not been through CMS training.

Brand Usage Policy

Any use of the Texas Wesleyan brand identity that is not produced and/or distributed by the Office of Marketing & Communications must have prior approval.

Purchase Orders (POs) for unapproved usage will not be cleared by the Purchasing Department. To assure that outside vendors receive payment, always include email or written confirmation of approval by the Office of Marketing & Communications when submitting POs. This will help expedite the process and ensure timely vendor payment.

Departments and offices that fail to follow this procedure will be personally responsible for vendor payment.

Media Policy

The Office of Marketing and Communications maintains close working relationships with the various print and electronic media in the region and seeks to enhance the University’s positive public image through them. 

All media releases and requests for media coverage must be coordinated through this office. The importance of a positive public image cannot be overemphasized. Any contact with media that represents the University to the community constitutes public relations, therefore it is University policy that all media inquiries must be directed to the Office of Marketing & Communications.

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